​​​GENERAL INFO:  All classes are Kripalu-style with an eclectic mix of other yoga styles and techniques. I have been teaching yoga for 23 years and studying it for 33, and many techniques I've learned over the years make their way into class, including breath exercises, core strengthening, isometric releases for tight muscles, lymphatic system massage, partner poses, restoratives and other relaxation techniques, Iyengar-style yoga, foot massage with balls, and more. In the summer we do a "chakra crawl" - each week opening and balancing a different chakra (energy center) - fascinating!

Each class has a different theme. Some focus on opening and strengthening a particular body part like shoulders or lower back or hips; others focus on a theme like yoga for allergies or insomnia or stress. At the changing of the seasons we do yoga and breathing exercises to bolster our immune systems. 

To find out the class theme/focus for any week, go to www.Facebook.com/Come to Yoga.

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ABOUT the classes

Come to Yoga

with Barbara Lyon

Yoga can help you recuperate from a long, possibly sedentary winter - time to open back up, get moving, breathing, stretching, opening, strengthening and balancing!  

Classes start with a relaxing restorative pose — a few minutes to lie down, get centered, change gears. Then plenty of appropriate warm-ups and the yoga itself; all classes end with a lying-down, inch-by-inch relaxation. Class focus is different each week, so we stay interested and inspired!

"Barbara is the most wonderful yoga teacher--she will support and guide you, affirm and smile you. Every time I do yoga and even when I am just walking around, I hear her in my head and I am grateful. As we (all of us) get older, this is the most valuable thing we can do to enhance our quality of life and health. She's the person who can take us there, with wisdom and joy and reality."  -CC 

"What a healing journey began for me when I joined your class, Barbara.  I just wanted to thank you once again. It has changed my life. Honestly.  ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!" –GS

​"Barbara is a gifted yoga teacher. Her calm, supportive, skillful and encouraging style of teaching sets her apart from others. Each class is unique and carefully planned with a balance of poses, breathing, mediation and humor. Once you try one of her classes you'll realize just what a treasure her teaching is and what a gift it is to be one of her students." —JH 

"The yoga sessions are always inspiring and relaxing. Every week for the past several years your yoga class is what has helped me get through some very tough personal times; job loss, the closing of my business, departures and deaths. You were always that inspiration that made me feel I could handle anything. I feel so lucky to know you. —SH

I've been taking Barbara's class for 7 years or so, and it's not an exaggeration to say that it changed my life. She's such a patient, careful teacher: my body makes sense to me now in a way that it didn't before. If you want a small, gentle yoga class with a lot of personal attention, I can't recommend this class highly enough! —SM

Class today was great!  I am amazed at how you continue to come up with these wonderful classes week after week.  Thank you, Barbara. —KF