with Barbara Lyon


Mondays 6:00-7:30 pm in Cambridge

In July and August, this will be an all-levels class. In the fall, it will become a class for experienced yoga students, and more challenging. But this summer, everyone welcome, whatever your level. Come explore your chakras!


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Thursdays 11:00-noon in Cambridge

For seniors, beginners, or anyone wishing for a very gentle, yet effective,class, regardless of age, weight, experience, or general stiffness. Taught with precision, creativity and kindness.


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come to yoga for Balance, STRENGTH, flexibility & joy!

gentle yoga

Intermediate Yoga

Yoga for 55+

Tuesdays 6:15-7:15 pm

PLEASE NOTE! This class will NOT be held in July or August, 2016. It will resume on Sept 6 thru Dec 20.

For beginners and anyone wishing for a slower-paced, yet engaging, class. Taught in Kripalu and Iyengar style.


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to register, TO BOOK A PRIVATE YOGA LESSON, or for MORE INFO: bclyon23@gmail.com . 617 959-2562


Come to Yoga

Come to Yoga

This summer we will use yoga, breathing exercises, and other moves to explore, open and balance our 7 chakras (energy centers).  Each chakra is located in a different place in the body and responds to different beneficial poses and moves. Click on "The Classes" for a list of the chakras, how they present in your body and personality when they are out of balance, and which date we will focus on each. 

Choose general yoga, classes to help you deal with a particular physical limitation, instruction to help prepare you to join a mainstream yoga class, or a more focused class like yoga for relaxation, knees, strength, better posture, insomnia, lower back, flexibility - your choice. Private yoga lessons can be held in your home or at a yoga studio.​ 


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