Come To Yoga with Barbara Lyon
at Cambridge Health Associates
335 Broadway
(between Prospect & Inman streets)

and at Art & Soul Yoga Studio
91 Hampshire St, Cambridge
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Class Times, Cost, and Private Yoga Sessions:


Map and directions to Cambridge Health Associates at 335 Broadway.

Free parking lot in back, short walk from Central Sq Red Line T, and all props provided at no charge.

Looking for additional information about the yoga classes? Try the FAQ or contact me!

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"Barbara is the most wonderful yoga teacher ever--she will support and guide you, affirm and smile you. Every time I do yoga and even when I am just walking around, I hear her in my head and I am grateful.

As we (all of us) get older, this is the most valuable thing we can do to enhance our quality of life and health. She's the person who can take us there, with wisdom and joy and reality."  -CC

"What a healing journey began for me when I joined your class, Barbara.  I just wanted to thank you once again. It has changed my life. Honestly.  ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!" -GS

Happy Summer!

All classes canceled till early November!
In early August I will have open-heart surgery to repair a lifelong faulty mitral valve. This procedure has been done thousands of times, and the success rate is very high, but the recuperation period is 3 months with no upper-body yoga allowed! (I'll be able to walk all I want.) I have been losing strength these last 8 months or more and now I know why. I am actually looking forward to the repair for the returning energy, strength and joie de vivre! And to the adventure :) Who knows what these 3 months 'off' will hold? I hope you will check back here in November and join me again for our fascinating and rewarding yoga journey!

Special for new students at CHA: any 4 classes for $40 or any 2 classes for $20.

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Want to know the class agenda for the week? Go to "Come to Yoga with Barbara Lyon" at and click "Like." I post the class agenda (and other announcements) there each week.

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Public Yoga Classes (more details below)

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About the fall classes:
Each class has a theme. Classes this semester will include: Break Out of your Slump (better posture); Hamstrings and Hips; Stress-Busting Yoga; Yoga for Insomnia; then other classes will focus on specific body therapies, like loosening tight shoulders, releasing the neck, lower back, hips, strengthening tender knees, etc. Come to yoga class and feel great!

Or choose
PRIVATE YOGA LESSONS in your home or in a private room at one of the studios where I teach; see column to right for details. You can also study Chakra Yoga with me privately.   


Schedule at a glance

Check this website for future workshops, or email me to be added to the mailing list (no spam) for workshop announcements.

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NEWS! I have launched "Gentle Joint Yoga" for seniors and those wishing for a very gentle yoga experience. There are two levels: one is Chair Yoga, done sitting the whole time, for people who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, or whose sense of balance isn't stable enough for standing yoga; the other is a more advanced version which includes yoga on the floor, sitting and standing. In that version we still use chairs quite a bit - to sit and do stretches and twists, and also as a prop for standing poses like forward bends, downward facing dogs, warriors, standing balances, and many more.  In 2011 I enrolled in the Silver Age Yoga program, which has given me a much deeper knowledge of how to modify poses for different conditions.  In 2012 I took the exams and earned the Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certificate.

Currently I am teaching the more advanced Senior Yoga at Art & Soul Yoga in Cambridge and Groundwork Wellness in Belmont (open to the public), and the Chair Yoga version at Youville House in Cambridge, Youville Place in Lexington, The Residence in Watertown Square, Brigham House in Watertown, and a senior day program in Arlington.
But I am seeking studios or community rooms where I can teach public Gentle Joint Yoga classes. Do you know of one? Also, if you would like me to teach Gentle Joint Yoga at your facility, or as private lessons,
please send me an email

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A Yoga Tips page. Click here (or on"Yoga Tips & FAQ" above) to find out how to hand or machine wash and dry your yoga mat, how long to wait after eating to do yoga, and a neat trick to keep your mat more germ-free. I'll add more to this over time. Any questions you'd like me to address?

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To find out the theme of
any particular class
, click on the Facebook icon on the right column of this page or visit To Yoga.  While you're there, click 'like', and you'll receive a brief email describing the class theme each week.

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A favorite quote from "Senses" by Franz Kafka:

You do not need to leave the house.  Just sit at your table and listen.  Do not even listen, only wait.  Do not even wait, become wholly still and alone. The world will present itself to you for its unmasking.  It can do no other; in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet

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  In 2011, after teaching yoga for 16 years, I decided to deepen my knowledge by embarking on a 200-hour certificate program, and earned an Advanced
Teacher Training Certificate in The Art of Teaching, at The Yoga Studio (Barbara Benagh).  Illuminating!

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I’ve been thinking about why anyone should go to a yoga studio if they already have a health club membership that includes yoga.  I belong to a gym and often take a pick-up yoga class on the weekend. I find myself feeling sorry for the students. The classes are repetitive with no build, and usually offer no adjustments. I look around at people doing Downward-Facing Dog with rounded spines and domed knuckles and Warrior II with heads thrust forward and front knee dropping inward, uncorrected. How will they ever learn the right form? And how much damage will they do to their bodies in the meantime?

They never get to experience the release and joy of a well-crafted shoulder stand or some of the more esoteric poses and they certainly get no experimental or partner poses at all.  In my classes I not only walk around and make adjustments so that everyone learns the proper shape of each pose, but offer a build over the semester – classes start with a focus on stretching and slowly build in strength and balance.  I offer simpler alternative poses for students who need them, or encourage them to stop and take a rest when that's appropriate, and more advanced versions for the students who are ready for them.  Every week the theme or focus changes so that each body part gets special attention across the months. And the variety is endless!

If you haven't been to a yoga studio in awhile, I hope you'll try mine. It's quite a different and possibly more rewarding experience than the same old same old at the gym. Treat yourself! Experience the relief - and exhilaration - of proper alignment, and learn something new every week.

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A favorite stanza, from Last Night as I Was Sleeping by Antonio Machado

Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt that I had a beehive here inside my heart.
And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures

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We do a "Chakra Crawl" during SUMMER semesters - each class we use yoga and breath work to open and balance a different chakra.  We learn what each chakra represents and how a balanced or unbalanced chakra shows up in our personality and body, the way that we perceive ourselves and relate to others.  Fascinating! 

- A sampling of class topics in 2015 -

Some by my design, some by request, we had classes in:
-Yoga to ease shoveling muscles
-Spring Cleaning

-stress-busting yoga
-reducing pain in the sacrum and tail bone
-building a shoulderstand
-chair yoga (backbend, twists, shoulderstand using chair)
-yoga to reduce allergy reaction
-yoga for sciatica

-cultivating joy!
-yoga for golfers
-yoga to ease pain in tailbone area

-neck, shoulder, upper back, chest release
-and more!

Do you have a request? Let me know!

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